Lensa vs Remini App: Pricing, Pros and Cons, comaprison (2023)

Lensa and Remini App are two of the most popular photo editing apps in the market today. But which one is better for you? In this article, I’ll dive deep into the key features of Lensa vs Remini App, compare them side by side, and discuss their advanced photo editing capabilities, as well as their pros and cons. After reading this article, you should be able to identify the best app for you.

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Key Features of Lensa

Photo Editing

Lensa has many features and advanced editing tools for editing your favorite photos. Some of the trending tools and my favorites are below:

Magic retouch: You can smooth your face with this retouch tool. This can save time and effort; moreover, this tool retouches the neck, makes the eyes more attractive, and refines the eyebrows.

Blur background: Blurring out the background or some objects in a photo is possible with this feature.

Hair color: With Lensa, you can change the color of your hair to purple or bright green.

Art styles: In Lensa, with the power of AI, you can convert your all-time favorite images into different kinds of art styles like retro, black and white, cartoon style, dramatic, and landscape.

Filters: Editing apps are incomplete without filters; Lensa also has many filters. A trending filter will be suggested by the AI if you don’t know which one you prefer.

Video editing

The Lensa app also enables you to edit your videos. Some of the most commonly used video editing features are listed below:

Add music: In Lensa, you can add music to your videos. Videos can also be converted into audio files.

Cut or trim: Remove parts of the videos by cutting or trimming them.

Filters: You can also apply different popular filters to your videos.

Ratio: It’s easy to adjust your videos for different social media platforms using Lensa.

Add a video or photo: A video or photo addition to your video is simple.

Reshuffle: You can reorganize your videos and photos using the reshuffle icon if you have added several.

Save: Click the “Save” button when you finish editing your video.


Lensa’s annual pricing is $99.99 per year, but don’t worry, Prisma Labs also provides a 7 days free trial to explore its features and potential before buying its paid version. Don’t have an annual subscription fee? Don’t worry; Lensa also offers a small fee to use some specific features.

Lensa App offers some affordable subscriptions for avatars with a 51% discount. They include:

  • You can make 50 unique avatars for only $2.49 instead of $4.99 in 10 styles with 5 avatar variations.
  • You can get 100 unique avatars for $3.49 instead of $6.99. Each avatar has 10 variations and 10 styles.
  • For $4.99, users get 200 unique avatars. Users can choose from 20 avatar styles in this package.

You can cancel the app anytime if you’re unhappy with it or don’t want to continue paying for it. To do this, go to settings, then tap “manage subscriptions.”

Magic Avatars

Lensa uses a special feature called “magic avatars” to make them with AI technology based on your selfies and photos. You can expect some good and bad results. In an avatar package, more variations can lead to better results. In my opinion, I found that the 50-variation package worked better than the 100-variation one.

There are 10 styles for magic avatars, cosmic, focus, anime, pop, iridescent, kawaii (from Japanese culture), light, stylish, fairy princess/prince, and fantasy. Some users might get different styles, like sci-fi, mystical, or superhero.

The kawaii style wasn’t very accurate, but I liked the iridescent avatars in the 50-variation package. The 100-variation package had good results for the light style.


Lensa has a variety of good editing tools. Most of the time, Lensa meets good results for your photo and video editing requirements. Content can be created for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat using this app. However, you may require a different tool to edit images and videos to a professional level.

Portrait Enhancement

One of Lensa’s most notable features is its portrait enhancement capabilities. The app uses AI technology to automatically identify and improve facial features like skin tone, texture, and lighting. This allows users to easily create stunning, professional-quality portraits without prior photo editing experience.

Auto Retouch

The app’s auto-retouch feature allows users to make quick, automatic photo edits by applying a single filter. This can save time and effort, particularly for those new to photo editing or who simply want to make a few quick adjustments.

vignette Effect

Lensa allows users to add a vignette effect to their photos, helping to draw attention to the subject and create a more polished, professional appearance.

Key Features of Remini

Photo Restoration

Remini’s main selling point is its ability to restore old, damaged, or low-quality photos. The app uses AI technology to enhance image quality, remove noise, and restore lost details, giving new life to your precious memories. If you want to use Remini on iOS you can explore Remini APK for iOS.

Video Enhancement

Remini also offers video enhancement capabilities in addition to photo restoration. The app can enhance the quality of your videos, making them clearer, more vibrant, and more enjoyable to watch.

Face Retouch

Similar to Lensa, Remini also provides face retouching options. Users can easily edit their selfies and portraits, adjusting skin tone, texture, and facial structure for a more polished appearance.

Batch Processing

Remini offers batch processing capabilities, allowing users to restore multiple photos simultaneously. If you have a lot of images to enhance, this can save you a lot of time and effort.

Real-Time Preview

With Remini, you can see a real-time preview of your edits before applying them to your photos or videos. This allows you to fine-tune your adjustments and ensure the final result meets your expectations.

AI Avatars

You can make mind-blowing avatars with the Remini AI photo enhancer.

Comparison Table: Lensa vs Remini App

Photo EditingYesYes
Video EditingYesYes
Pricing$99.99 per year/ 7-day free trial$9.99 weekly/ 7-day free trial
Unique FeatureMagic Avatars – create AI-generated avatars based on your photos.Old photo restoration/AI avatars
Auto RetouchYesYes
Vignette EffectYesYes
Photo RestorationNoYes
Portrait EnhancementYesYes
User-InterfaceSimple and user-friendlySimple and user-friendly

Advanced Photo Editing Features

Lensa vs Remini app, both offer advanced photo editing features that cater to different needs. Lensa focuses primarily on making avatars, with its AI technology allowing for highly detailed and realistic edits.

On the other hand, Remini excels in photo restoration and video enhancement, making it a great choice for those looking to bring new life to old or low-quality images.

Pros and Cons Of Lensa vs Remini App

Lensa AI App


  • Excellent portrait enhancement capabilities.
  • In Lensa you’ll get 90% accurate results for avatars.
  • Lensa offers a wide range of all-in-one photo editing tools.
  • You can generate AI avatars in just one click.
  • Lensa is very affordable.
  • Simple user interface and very easy to use.
  • Offering 7 days free trial.
  • Wide range of background effects.
  • Easy-to-use auto retouch feature.
  • The vignette effect adds depth and focus to images.


  • Lacks photo restoration capabilities.
  • No batch processing capabilities
  • Lacks real-time preview functionality
  • Sometimes you’ll never get accurate avatars.

Remini App


  • Highly effective photo restoration.
  • Very easy to use
  • Remini AI can significantly improve the quality of old, blurry, or low-resolution images by restoring missing details, sharpening edges, and reducing noise.
  • Strong face retouch options.
  • Batch processing for efficient photo restoration.
  • Real-time preview allows for precise editing.


  • Internet connection required.
  • Sometimes, Remini lags because of high-resolution photos.
  • While Remini AI excels at enhancing and restoring facial features, it may not perform as well when dealing with damaged photos.


If we talk about Lensa vs Remini App, both have paid subscriptions and also have trial versions. Lensa offers a 7-day free trial, allowing you to explore its features before committing to a paid subscription. Remini operates on a subscription-based pricing model and also offers a 7-day free trial.

While both apps provide a range of editing tools, they are more suited for casual use and social media content creation. You may need to use more advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom for professional photo editing.

Remini requires an internet connection, as its AI technology processes images in the cloud. Lensa can be used offline for some features, but certain tools like Magic Avatars require an internet connection.

Yes, both Lensa and Remini are designed with user-friendly interfaces, making them suitable for users without prior photo editing experience.

Final Thoughts: Lensa vs Remini App

When choosing between Lensa vs Remini App, the best app depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for an app that excels in portrait enhancement, cartoonize yourself, and offers a range of background effects, Lensa is the better.

Apps like Lensa and Remini cater to different user needs, with unique strengths and weaknesses. Lensa is a fantastic choice for users who prioritize portrait enhancement and creative background effects, while Remini excels in restoring and enhancing old, damaged, or low-quality photos and videos.

You should choose Lensa vs Remini App based on your preferences and requirements. By considering the features, pros, and cons outlined in this article, you can decide which app best suits your needs and helps you create stunning, high-quality images and videos.

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